R.Z House No.4&5

Type: Semi-detached house
Site area: 750 sqm
Total floor area: 800 sqm

Year: 2017 
Status: In progress
Location: Rishon Le Zion, IL

A rectangular plot with two of it’s long sides facing two parallel streets, one an inner quiet road and the other a busy road, allowed the layout to stretch and make the facade wide and with a strong presence. This layout allowed making the living spaces enjoy two wide gardens with panoramic, floor to ceiling, windows. The openings on the facades were made the full height of each floor “trapped” between the floor slabs, running the full length of the facades. The openings were cut away in a sporadic order to create an interesting rhythm. The slab of the first floor sticks out to the front and back, once with the full mass of the building above it and to the other side just as a pergola, creating shaded areas bellow.